Floating houses

  Floating homes by Floating Platform System are the great solutions for people who dream to live in a unique way, companies looking for an attractive concept of their office and hotels which to enlarge their offer by a unique solution- floating climatic restaurants, in style bars or exclusive suits with a beautiful view.

Our homes have the first in Europe energy saving system in floating facilities. This innovative product combines the speed of construction with eco effectivity and economy- the perfect solution guaranteeing a reimbursement and low operation costs. The floating platform designed for housing porpoise was made based on SQARE system – a patent protected system of a self-supporting swimmers with increased buoyancy. The solution guarantees its high durability and resistance to adverse external factors and good mechanical resistance and stability.

The building is made in a passive technology. The need for heat of a floating house is around 15 kwh/m²/year. The average annual cost of heating a home is quite low. The building may be plugged in to an onshore installation equipped with necessary media like drinking water tanks, sewage tanks, wind turbines or solar panels. The system is designed to be towed by water. The time of realization is about 3 months. We are the only company in Poland that is certified by the Polish Register of Ships in the area of projecting, construction and installation of floating platforms. This Certificate confirms the quality and safety of use of our floating constructions and is also equivalent to globally recognized certificates given by Lloyd’s Register.