Floating platforms

Floating platforms by Floating Platform System are the modern, functional and relatively cheap systems, which stands out by high resistance to adverse weather conditions, waves and ice, along with great functional parameters (load capacity, stability, ease of interfacing with other systems, the possibility of any configuration). Our platforms as the only ones in Poland may be constructed at opened sea.

We offer the platforms of various contructions:


full concrete:
system: MARINA

floatplane net conrete:
system: RELAX

All our products hold the certificate of recognition of the Polish Register of Ships. As the only company in Poland we hold the certificate of the Polish Register of Ships in in the area of projecting, construction and installation of floating platforms. Our technical solutions are protected by patents.

We make:

  • Floating platforms for tourism and water sports such as: Yacht pears, kayak pears, and water ports
  • Floating quays
  • Recreation platforms
  • Watering places
  • Viewing quays and platforms
  • Floating breakwaters
  • Platforms under constructions of buildings such as houses, hotel suits, restaurants, bars and offices
  • Technical platforms
  • Enlargements of already installed constructions.
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